Paradise Lost: Book VII (1674)

DEscend from Heav'n Urania, by that name
If rightly thou art call'd, whose Voice divine
Following, above th' Olympian Hill I soare,
Above the flight of Pegasean wing.
The meaning, not the Name I call: for thou
Nor of the Muses nine, nor on the top
Of old Olympus dwell'st, but Heav'nlie borne,
Before the Hills appeerd, or Fountain flow'd,
Thou with Eternal wisdom didst converse,
Wisdom thy Sister, and with her didst play
In presence of th' Almightie Father, pleas'd
With thy Celestial Song.  
 Up led by thee        

               I really didn't understand this poem because it is in old English but I loved his words betwwen the lines and I believe I can understand this poem only when I read it several times and when I looked at it very carefully. That way I think I will be able to understand it. You can find this poem and the rest of it in